The Palpacast Episode I – The Palpitalian On the Death Star

In the inaugural epsiode of The Palpacast, Adrian Ash, Ben, and Swara come together to talk about why they love this diabolical and malicious baddy in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. We each talk about when we first encountered Palpatine, what we made of him then and what we make of him today, discuss why we love villains so much, and speculate on how Palps returns in The Rise of Skywalker!

Episode CLV – Fly Me To The Frozen Moon

Listeners! This week’s episode is one based pretty much entirely on wishing and speculation. That basically means that Ben and Ash basically just spend an hour talking about things that feel are missing from Star Wars. Not in a negative way, but rather things that they would just like to see! It’s pretty unfocused, in classic Skyhoppers style.

Episode CLIV – The World’s Largest “However”

In this VERY special episode of the podcast, Ben and Ash are joined by Brooklyn of Twitter and A Star Wars Story podcast fame! Brooklyn has a bit of a different perspective regarding the possible redemption of Kylo Ren than Ben and Ash, so having her on to discuss that seemed like a no-brainer. A good one for sure! Also, RIP MoviePass.


Well. Ben and Ash were going to talk about Resistance this week, but Ben decided he’d rather come across as WAY saltier than he really is about Galaxy’s Edge. And then somehow the conversation goes towards marketing in Star Wars, and then Canon vs. Legends? It’s a weird and wandering episode this week, but the discussion is worth the lack of strong direction.