Episode CLIV – The World’s Largest “However”

In this VERY special episode of the podcast, Ben and Ash are joined by Brooklyn of Twitter and A Star Wars Story podcast fame! Brooklyn has a bit of a different perspective regarding the possible redemption of Kylo Ren than Ben and Ash, so having her on to discuss that seemed like a no-brainer. A good one for sure! Also, RIP MoviePass.


Well. Ben and Ash were going to talk about Resistance this week, but Ben decided he’d rather come across as WAY saltier than he really is about Galaxy’s Edge. And then somehow the conversation goes towards marketing in Star Wars, and then Canon vs. Legends? It’s a weird and wandering episode this week, but the discussion is worth the lack of strong direction.

Quiplash With, Greg, Meg, Liam, Danny, Jason, and… Primal from YouTube?

For this live stream, we attempted to play Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, and then Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy, but then ended up settling on Quiplash, which is a game like Cards Against Humanity. Thanks to Greg for getting us into this game! This sort of live stream hangout is something we’ll definitely be doing more regularly, inside jokes and all.

Fair warning: this stream is NOT family friendly, and at one point there were some chuckleheads that jumped into our game and thought that it would be funny to include racial slurs in their answers. They’re summarily kicked and a new game is started, but just know that that content is in there briefly.

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Episode CXLVII – Will Revan EVER Just Let Us Be?

CW: A few minor rape mentions in the context of Game of Thrones

So. The showrunners of Game of Thrones are getting a Star Wars series. What does this mean? Honestly, Ben and Ash couldn’t tell you. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have thoughts on it!

(Ben says: There’s echo in the episode this week. Sorry about that. I couldn’t do much about it.)